Why trust us ?

As experts in influencer marketing in the US, we help companies maximize their growth through the power of influencers on social networks.

Marketing strategy

We implement a customized and optimized marketing strategy based on your brand elements to increase your visibility and awareness, boost your sales and increase your return on investment.

Campaign Management

We organize, plan and optimize your influencer marketing campaigns, building lasting and effective relationships with over 2,000 distinguished and well-known influencers across the United States.


We have the necessary statistics and analysis data to maximize your ROAS and ensure the development and success of your brand.

End-to-end follow-up

We accompany brands in the smooth running of each campaign with proximity, professionalism and transparency throughout the collaboration.

accompagnement Adgency Talent
accompagnement Adgency Talent
accompagnement Adgency Talent
accompagnement Adgency Talent

Why use our services ?

chiffres Adgency Talent
chiffres Adgency Talent

We have great numbers for customers.










Collaborating with our agency means surrounding yourself with the best in their fields.


Benefit from the best prices

Take advantage of a complete list of influencers available quickly and at an attractive price.


Save time

Delegate the organization and planning of your campaigns: save time and money.


Optimize your ROI

Improve the ROI of your promotions with our profitable influencers.


Boost your sales

Increase your sales volume considerably by relying on our expertise.


Develop your notoriety

Use our targeted and coherent marketing campaigns to gain visibility and notoriety.


Enhance the value of your brand

Apply our influencer marketing strategies to increase the value of your brand.

expertise Adgency Talent

Influencer marketing is not a fad.

We know that influencer marketing works since our clients use our services every month. We also have data from the largest direct-to-consumer brands in the U.S. such as: Dime Beauty, Snow, Vanity Planet, Brümate, Bondiboost and others.
These major American brands and our clients generate several million dollars in revenue each year thanks to the power of influencer marketing.

expertise Adgency Talent

A platform designed to do just that.

We believe so strongly in the power of influencers that we created Adgency Talent to seamlessly manage and develop end-to-end influencer relationships and campaigns in the US for successful brands.
We guide you through various key stages of an influencer marketing campaign: organization, management, optimization and execution through a simple and efficient process.

expertise Adgency Talent
expertise Adgency Talent

Get your brand seen by thousands of influencers with the touch of a button.

No more sending hundreds of cold, awkward emails and direct messages. Influencers let you know if they're interested in working with us, in a timely manner and at the best prices on the market.
So don't waste time contacting them without getting a response.


The diversity of our American talent !

Here are some of the influencers currently available who might potentially want to work with your brand.

Expert Team

You will receive exemplary support from our team.

Customer reviews

The satisfaction of our customers through our work.


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